Top 10 Tight End Prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft (2023)

The most represented position class in the 2023 NFL draft could be tight ends. As many as seven tight ends are selected by the end of the third round, which has not happened in four years.

This tight end class has more high-end skills and tremendous depth than we've seen in years. Three NFL prospects -- Notre Dame's Michael Mayer, Oregon State's Luke Musgrave and Utah's Dalton Kincaid -- are debating the best tight end this year, and there's still talent available at the position.

The top 10 tight end prospects in this year's rookie class are listed below.

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Top 10 Tight End Prospects:

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#1 - Dalton Kincaid, Utah

Dalton Kincaid is projected to be the first player drafted out of Utah in the upcoming 2023 draft.NFL draft. According to some analysts, Kincaid, who had 70 receptions for 890 yards and eight scores in his final season of college football, could even be the first tight end selected.

Kincaid is an extremely efficient tight end with excellent speed and an innate ability to run after the reception. He has explosive bursts and runs fluid routes.

#2 - Michael Mayer, Notre Dame

Some thinkMichael Mayerfrom the University of Notre Dame to be the top tight end prospect in the draft as he had 809 yards and nine TDs last year and 840 yards and seven TDs in 2021.

Mayer was a consensus All-American during the 2022 season, and several recruits think highly of his blocking talents, especially when other players choose to run the play.

#3 - Luke Musgrave, Oregon State

Another top 10 tight end prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft is Luke Musgrave. The Orgeon State TE was born to play football. While his uncle Bill starred for seven years in theNFL, his father Doug was a linebacker at Oregon. Tragically, he had just recovered from a knee injury that kept him out of just two games last year and ended his season. Despite the disappointment, he showed promise at the Scouting Combine and Senior Bowl.

Musgrave can outrun opponents due to his unusually fast speed for someone his size. Additionally, he has excellent blocking abilities and can switch routes quickly. Additionally, considering he barely played in many games in college, his health will be a major concern. And it will be interesting to see where Orgeon State goes next.

#4 - Darnell Washington, Georgia

Darnell Washington, who demonstrated his strength at the NFL Combine, is a gigantic, incredible tight end. He has the ability to run effective routes, block and force defenders to miss tackles on him. althoughDenver Broncoshave often been cited as fans, it's possible Washington won't be available at 67.

#5 - Tucker Kraft, South Dakota State

Tucker Kraft is another top tight end prospect in the NFL draft class of 2023. He is a big, strong downfield blocker and can play well enough on the receiving end to see a lot more action. In 2021, he recorded 65 receptions for six touchdowns.

There are absolutely no downsides to his game, and there is potential to develop into the best tight end overall.

#6 - Sam LaPorta, Iowa

Sam LaPorta holds the top two spots among Iowa's all-time tight ends in catches and receptions.

LaPorta had a great combination and is a very fluid runner. In terms of athletic ability, he is close to Kincaid. In our opinion, he has the potential to be an excellent starting tight end and all-action player.

#7 - Luke Cleaner, Michigan

Due to the abundance of quality players in this draft class,Luka Chistačhe may not be the best talent at his position and may go unselected until a much later date in the draft than he deserves. It is important to note that Schoonmaker is an extremely effective blocker and receiving threat who has been compared to Owen Daniels.

#8 - Davis Allen, Clemson

Another top tight end prospect is Davis Allen, who uses 50-50 balls to his advantage. He attacks airborne targets as if his survival depended on it. He has a shocking 16-of-19 record in contested cases over the past two years. Additionally, Allen has mishandled just three of his 87 career catches.

#9 - Josh Whyle, Cincinnati

Josh Whyle proved to be a key player in his team's 2022 playoff run, finishing second on the team with six receiving TDs. Josh Whyle lived up to the early hype early in his college career, earning All-American Athletic Conference honors in his final three seasons in Cincinnati.

Whyle has an impressive build and size to succeedNFL. He has a late acceleration that allows him to make his way along the boundary and in transition lanes, and he has smooth acceleration for someone his size.

#10 - Brenton Strange, Penn State

At Penn State, Brenton Strange finished his junior year with 32 catches for 362 yards and five TDs. The fact that he is lighter than the rest of the tight ends on the roster allows him to elude tacklers. In sweeps, he's also a great lead blocker. Strange can change his body position to catch throws. However, it might be less effective in conventional blocking tasks.

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