Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (2023)

Roman Reigns' wife, Galina Becker, is a famous American internet celebrity, model, athlete and housewife. Roman and Galina, the parents of five children, have been married for 15 years and set an example of the perfect couple. The couple met at Georgia Tech University and eventually married.

Undisputed WWE World Champion Roman Reigns is the current and longest-serving WWE Universal Champion.

Despite his role as an intimidating character in the ring, Roman Reigns is a family man and always puts them first.

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Therefore, today we will talk more about his support and partner Galina, who is always behind his success and failure.

We are curious to see how she balances her work and family in everyday life. So let's start with some quick facts.

Galina Becker: Fast facts

Full nameGalina Joelle Becker
birth dateMarch 11, 1987
Place of birthJacksonville, Florida, USA
ethnicityAfrican American
TrainingMt. Pleasant High School, San Jose
Georgia Institute of Technology
Name of the fatherKevin Becker
name of the motherMildred Becker
Alter35 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight60 kg (132 pounds)
shoe size7 (USA)
Hair colorBraun
eye colorhazel
body measurement34-27-34 inches
HusbandRoman rule
active yearsUpdate coming soon
net worth3-4 million dollars
Famous aswife of wwe star,Roman rule
Last updateFebruary 2023

Who is Galina Becker? Early life, parents and education

Behind every man's success is a woman; True to this statement, his wife Galina Becker is behind the success of Roman Reign.

The gorgeous beauty stepped into the limelight after marrying the WWE Superstar.Roman rule.

Galina remained loyal to him as his mental and physical support throughout his journey as a wrestler. No wonder Reign is always gushing about his wife.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (2)

Ever since her relationship with Roman was made public, many have rushed to learn about this gorgeous lady.

For starters, Galina Becker was born asGalina Joelle Beckerin Jacksonville, on the south coast of Florida, United States of America.

She is also the youngest child of her parents,Mildred BeckerAndKevin Becker. She has two older sisters namedShepherd CooperAndUndine Becker.

Unfortunately, there isn't much information about her family other than their names; her current whereabouts are a mystery to everyone.

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Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (3)

In contrast, her older sister Undine was a sportsperson and was a major influence on her. She was probably the reason why Galina started running in the first place during her school years.

Despite this, the three sisters were brought upSan Francisco, California, from their parents. Likewise, she is an American citizen who is of African American ethnicity.

Young Becker went furtherMt Pleasant High Schooland excelled as an athlete in the hurdles and high jump.

She later visitedGeorgia Institute of Technology,where Becker got her degree in management. Not to mention, Becker continued to be an athlete through college.

How old is Galina Becker? - Age and body measurements

In addition to her status, the charming Becker is also known for her stunning beauty. Born in1987,Mrs. Reign already is35 years old.

She celebrates her birthday with her family on March 11 every year. Her zodiac sign is Pisces - a sign praised for its creative thinking, dedication and attractiveness.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (4)

Despite being in her 30s, Becker is still gorgeous as ever. With her sun-kissed skin and hazel eyes, her long dark locks add even more to her beauty.

But one thing that we cannot overlook when talking about Galina is her stunning figure. Former athletes and track and field athletes have measured toned yet glamorous figures342734Customs.

Her curvy body makes us wonder if she is the mother of three. This African American beauty is in line5feet8inches (173 cm)and rocks around60kg (132 pounds).

What does Galina Becker do professionally? - Profession

Galina is from Florida and has always been interested in sports, especially outdoor activities.

As mentioned above, she started doing tracks under coaches during her high school daysInstructions by Steve Nelson.

During her time there, she won several regional titles in the long jump and triple jump. In addition, Becker was named to her teamMost Valuable Actorin their first, second and last year.

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What's more surprising is that it's still holding upCentral Coast sectionRecord in triple jump with a grade of40’5″.

Aside from athletics, Becker played volleyball and was awarded a substance letter in sports for one season.

Likewise, her outdoor activities did not stopDieGeorgia Institute of Technologyeither. There she continued her work as a student athlete.

In fact, Galina recorded several new records in college, including one14.92 im100meter hurdle at the Georgia Tech Invitational.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (6)

She also ran a best time of the season12.76im100 MeterDash on theYellow jacket invitation, the long jump at theACC Outdoor Championshipswith a season best jump of17’8.75″.

At the same time, Becker drove a best time of the season9.48at the 60m hurdles at theTiger classic.

Galina also achieved an outdoor season top mark of38’2.75″in the triple jump at the Auburn Tiger Classic the following season.

Becker also finished 13th in the triple jump at the ACC Outdoor Championships with one jump37’6.00″.

Besides that, the5 feet 8 inchesAthlete also participated in other projects, including a photo shoot with the photographer,Michael Kricke.

Who is Roman Reign's wife? is he still married

Georgia is where she found the love of her life. At that time,Roman ruleorDear Josef Anoaiwent to college like her and studied management.

Aside from that,Seealso played for themGeorgia TechYellow Vest football team.

Immediately, the two developed feelings for each other and began dating as college sweethearts.

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Likewise, after a while, Becker became the mother of her first child, a daughter namedJoe Anoai,on December 14th, 2008.

Despite this, she continued to balance her work as a mother and her modeling career.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (7)

Four years after the birth of their baby girl, the couple got engaged on February 26, 2012, weeks after Valentine's Day.

Likewise, the beautiful couple exchanged vows after two years of their engagementDecember 2014.

Their beautiful wedding took place atDisneys Castaway Cay, a private island in theBahamasowned by the Walt Disney Company.

Plus, keep up with her wedding theme.A whole new world'by Aladdin was played as their wedding song.

Reigns and Becker's wedding took place when Roman was away from WWE due to a herniated hernia.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (8)

He later returned to action after the ceremony and returned to the ringTLC: tables, ladders and chairson December 14th.

Two years later Galina gave birth to her twins2016.However, many were unaware of this event until Roman revealed it in an interview withCorey Graves. In the interview he said

"It's funny how people come up with all these conclusions. As if no one knew what was wrong with me. I'm not like (The) Miz where I announce it on every RAW. 'He's sick!', 'Something happened!', 'He got in trouble!', 'No, he did it again!' And then I went home because I had babies! We haven't talked about it (publicly); that was a year ago."

So far, the happy couple is living a happy life with their children in the States. And both have yet to mingle in any rumors or controversy surrounding their marriage.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (9)

Although Roman Reigns is a big name in the WWE Industry, he always spends time with his family. And it seems he's mastered the art of the family man.

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"You have to know how to give and take... that's the hardest part I'm dealing with right now is just being there. But we're lazy there."

How much does Galina Becker earn? assets and sources of income

Galina Becker, the former track and field athlete and course record holder, worked as a fitness model after graduating.

But after her marriage to Roman Reign and the birth of children, Becker devoted all of her time to caring for her children and was a good mother.

Therefore, the total net worth of Galina is not known at this time. But we're reasonably sure; it must be near3-4 million dollarsconsidering her popularity as an athlete and model.

Roman Reigns' Wife, Galina Becker [2023 Update]: WWE & Profession (10)

At the same time, her husband, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, has an amazing net worth15-18 million dollarsab 2023.

He also receives an annual salary of approx5 million dollarsand above. However, earnings are subject to change given his recent action towards WWE.

Galina Becker Social media presence:

Unfortunately, the gorgeous Galina is not active in any social network. So if you found an ID by its name, chances are wrong.

The mother of three is busy looking after her children and taking care of her family.

Maybe in the future we can see Galina on top social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Galina Becker | Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have Roman Reigns and Galina Becker been together?

Unfortunately, there is no exact date when the couple started dating. However, Roman and Galina are said to have been in a relationship for a number of years before getting engaged in 2012.

Does Roman Reigns have a tattoo of her daughter?

Roman Reigns has a tiny turtle tattoo on his inner wrist dedicated to his daughterJoelle. Interestingly, in the Samoan culture of Roman Reigns, the turtle signifies love, harmony, well-being and longevity.

Wo hat Becker meets Roman Reigns?

Galina Becker met Roman ReignsGeorgia Institute of Technology, where she studied management.

What is the nationality and race of Galina Becker's husband?

Galina Becker's husband, Roman Reigns, is of American nationality and Samoan-Italian race.

Is Roman Reigns still married to Galina Becker?

Yes, Roman Reigns is still married to Galina Becker and they have five children together. They married on Disney's Castaway Cay Island in 2014.

(Video) Roman Reigns Reveals Wife Is Pregnant With Twins | Galina Joelle Becker

Hat Roman Reigns Krebs?

Roman Reigns had been living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a treatable but incurable form of blood cancer, for over a decade.


What does Galina Becker do for a living? ›

Despite being the wife to one of the most popular wrestlers on WWE, Galina Becker is a career woman and a mother to five children. She is a fitness model, and thanks to her background in sports, she works with some of the USA's biggest marketing entities.

What nationality is Galina Joelle Becker? ›

Who is Roman Reigns real wife? ›

Is Roman Reigns suffering from leukemia? ›

Unified WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has bravely discussed how he first found out he was battling leukemia and how it led to a big change in his career.

Who is the most successful female wrestler in WWE? ›

Charlotte Flair is the most decorated woman in WWE history and she's also being called the greatest female wrestler of all-time by her legendary father. During her WWE career that started nearly a decade ago, Charlotte Flair has won the most Women's Titles in WWE history and it's really not close.

Who is the most decorated woman in WWE history? ›

Charlotte Flair is a six-time and the inaugural Raw Women's Champion, a seven-time SmackDown Women's Champion, a two-time NXT Women's Champion, a one-time and the final Divas Champion, and a one-time WWE Women's Tag Team Champion; she has held the most WWE championships out of any woman in the company's history with ...

Who was the first black woman in WWE? ›

Ethel Johnson

Who was the first female WWE wrestler? ›

Mary Lillian Ellison (July 22, 1923 – November 2, 2007) was an American professional wrestler better known by her ring name The Fabulous Moolah.

Who is Roman Reigns friends in real life? ›

Behind the scenes, Reigns has a good relationship with many WWE Superstars. Many fans already know about his relationship with The Usos, Naomi, Solo Sikoa, and Tamina. All five WWE Superstar have family relations with Reigns and are very close to him.

How much is Roman Reigns worth? ›

Roman Reigns Net Worth
Age (2022)37 years
Roman Reigns' Net worth (2022)$12 million
Source of wealthProfessional wrestling, acting
Salary$5 million
EndorsementsC4 Energy
5 more rows
Nov 10, 2022

Is Roman Reigns his wife a wrestler? ›

What is the survival rate for leukemia? ›

The 5-year survival rate for people age 20 and older is 40%. The 5-year survival rate for people under age 20 is 89%. Recent advances in treatment have significantly lengthened the lives of people with ALL. However, survival rates depend on several factors, including biologic features of the disease and a person's age.

Can leukemia be cured? ›

The cure rates and survival outcomes for patients with ALL have improved over the past few decades. Today, nearly 90 percent of adults diagnosed with ALL achieve a complete remission, which means that leukemia cells can no longer be seen in the bone marrow with a microscope.

What is the survival rate for chronic myeloid leukemia? ›

Today, the ten year survival rate for the most common form of CML is approximately 85% and patients can expect to live life-spans nearly as long as normal healthy adults.

Who is the greatest woman wrestler of all time? ›

Trish Stratus is the best women's wrestler of all time.

Stratus pushed the women's category to new heights with her feuds with Lita and her hardcore match with Victoria. She dominated the women's division in the early 2000s on the way to capturing seven WWE Women's Championships, the most by any woman up to that point.

Who is the largest female wrestlers? ›

At 6-foot-2, Nicole Bass has the distinction of being the tallest female performer in WWE history. Bass had a brief stint with the company back in 1999. During her time in WWE, she is arguably best remembered for being Sable's bodyguard at WrestleMania 15.

Who has held the WWE belt the longest? ›

The champion with the single longest reign is Bruno Sammartino with a reign of 2,803 days while the record for longest combined reign is also held by Sammartino at 4,040. John Cena has the most reigns with 13.

Who got the most wins in WWE? ›

Despite being an actor (and former rapper), John Cena still managed to keep his focus on WWE and rack up the most career match wins in history. In addition to his record-breaking number of wins, Cena also tied Ric Flair's record for world title reigns, bringing home an astonishing 16.

Who is the longest reigning WWE Diva? ›

Eve Torres and AJ Lee hold the record for most reigns as Divas Champion with three each. AJ Lee holds the record for most combined days as champion with 406 days, while Nikki Bella holds the record for longest individual reign at 301 days. Jillian Hall has the shortest reign at five minutes.

Who is Naomi Reigns married to? ›

Jimmy Uso

Who is Roman Reigns bestfriend? ›

Not only did he confirm that R-Truth is his best friend, but Roman Reigns also called him one of the greatest of all time. There is no arguing the fact that Reigns and R-Truth are the best at what they do in WWE. Their work has helped WWE reach many different segments and bring new fans to the business.

Who was the red haired girl on WWE? ›

Eva Marie, who also starred in “Total Divas” on the E! Network, was known for her famous electric red hair. Born Natalie Marie Nelson 34 years ago in Walnut Creek, Calif., the future actress and fitness model graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a business degree.

Who is the oldest person still in the WWE? ›

Oldest wrestlers currently living
1Bill Mercer97 years, 0 days
2Abe Jacobs94 years, 240 days
3“Cowboy” Bob Ellis93 years, 335 days
4Samson Burke93 years, 311 days
26 more rows

Who were the first twins in WWE? ›

Each of the Bella Twins are a former WWE Divas Champion. Brie is the first twin in WWE history to win that title. Nikki won the title twice and remains its longest-reigning title holder.
The Bella Twins
DebutOctober 31, 2008
Years active2007–2015 (brief split in 2009 and 2014) 2018
8 more rows

How do female wrestlers deal with periods? ›

Some wrestlers choose to wear tampons with pantiliners, pads, menstrual cups, and period-proof underwear. Compression shorts can increase security and comfort. Check out Lucha Fit for period info and much more.

Who is the goth girl in WWE? ›

Demi Bennett (born 11 October 1996) is an Australian professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Rhea Ripley and is a member of The Judgment Day.
Rhea Ripley
Debut29 June 2013
7 more rows

What are female wrestlers called? ›

In the 1990s, WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation) introduced the term Diva to refer to its female performers, including wrestlers, managers or valets, backstage interviewers, or ring announcers.

Who is the best friend of Brock Lesnar? ›

One of the best-known friendships in WWE is between Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin since the two men climbed through the ranks in the company together. Shelton and Brock first met while in college and later lived together before cutting their teeth in the wrestling business.

Who are real friends in WWE? ›

There are several well-known friendships in WWE at present, including Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin, Bayley and Sasha Banks, and even Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.

Who has crush on Roman Reigns? ›

Sasha Banks also revealed that she thinks Roman Reigns is hot. Meanwhile, a few AEW stars have also disclosed that they are attracted to some of their current WWE counterparts.

Who is the top richest in WWE? ›

Top 10 Richest WWE Superstars
  • Who are the richest WWE Superstars in the world?
  • Vince McMahon ($2.4 Billion)
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ($820 Million)
  • Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ($150 Million)
  • John Cena ($80 Million)
  • Steve Austin ($35 Million)
  • Brock Lesnar ($28 Million)
  • Stacey Kiebler ($25 Million)

Who is the richest WWE in the world? ›

Topping the list as the richest WWE Superstar is The Rock (Real Name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson) with a massive estimated net worth of $400 Million.

Is Seth Rollins Roman Reigns friend? ›

Seth Rollins Felt He Was 'Placeholder' for Roman Reigns; 'No Animosity' with Moxley. Seth Rollins said Friday that although he feels like he plays "second fiddle" to Roman Reigns, he has a "great" relationship with him, as well as his other former Shield stablemate, Jon Moxley.

How old is Roman Reigns twins? ›

Roman Reigns has five kids with Galina Joelle Becker. He has a daughter named Joelle, who was born in 2008, out of wedlock. The couple tied the knot on 6th December 2014 and Galina gave birth to twin boys in 2016, followed by another set of twins in April 2020.

Who is the goddess in WWE? ›

Alexis Cabrera (née Kaufman; born August 9, 1991) is an American professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Alexa Bliss.

What is the main cause of leukemia? ›

The cause of acute leukaemia is unknown, but factors that put some people at higher risk are: exposure to intense radiation. exposure to certain chemicals, such as benzene. viruses like the Human T-Cell leukaemia virus.

Can you live 20 years with leukemia? ›

CLL has a very high incidence rate in people older than 60 years. CLL affects men more than women. If the disease has affected the B cells, the person's life expectancy can range from 10 to 20 years.

How long can you live after beating leukemia? ›

Almost 65 out of 100 (almost 65 percent) will survive their leukemia for five years or more after diagnosis. For those who are 40 or older: Around 20 out of 100 (around 20 percent) will survive their leukemia for five years or more after diagnosis. Your age affects how well leukemia responds to treatment.

What is WWE Ronda salary? ›

Ronda Rousey's Salary

Ronda Rousey is currently the highest-earning female WWE wrestler on the roster with an estimated salary of $1.5 million.

What does Randy Orton wife do? ›

As a child and teenager, Kim Orton was an aspiring model. Later, she started her own company with her husband under the name Slthr. She is currently the owner of Slthr, a clothing line based on Randy Orton's WWE gimmick. Kim Marie Kessler was born in New York, the United States.

How much is Roman Reigns salary? ›

Being the face of the company, Roman Reigns is one of the highest-paid WWE Superstars. His annual salary is approximately $5 million and is also subject to earning additional bonuses and winnings. Overall, he takes home a gross amount of roughly $6 million.


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