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Download Dream11 to play Fantasy Football

Create a Fantasy Team to play on Dream11 - India's First Fantasy Sports App!

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Download Dream11 to play Fantasy Football

Create a Fantasy Team to play on Dream11 - India's First Fantasy Sports App!

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    fantasy football

    Dream11 Fantasy Football is ideal for beginners and fantasy professionals alike, where players can demonstrate their skills in real games. It offers major soccer leagues like UEFA, FPL, La Liga, UCL, Bundesliga, etc.

    One of the main drivers of fantasy sports in India is football as fans are crazy about it. Let's dive right in and understand the following aspects of Fantasy Football:

    • Was ist Fantasy-Football?

    • History of Fantasy Football

    • Industry Overview

    • Soccer Fantasy Tournaments and Upcoming Leagues

    • Rules

    • Tips for Winning

    • Tips for playing Fantasy Football

    • Beste Fantasy-Football-App

    • behaviour rules

    • Why Play Fantasy Football?

    • Why should you play on Dream11?

    • Team name suggestions

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    Was ist Fantasy-Football?

    Fantasy Football is an online gaming tournament where you can create a virtual team of 11 players and compete against teams of other fantasy players. As a player, you must select the top 11 players on your team who can score maximum points with their performance as midfielders, goalkeepers, defenders and forwards.

    You can then choose your team's captain and vice-captain. It is important to make the best players as captain and vice-captain; Your performance will count towards the overall score as the captain gets double fantasy score and the vice captain gets 1.5x fantasy score. At the end of the game, the user with the highest points is declared the winner.

    Fantasy Football is a game of skill where practice is the key to victory. In addition, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and analysis before assembling your virtual team.History of Fantasy Football in India

    Launched in 2008, Dream11 is India's first company to develop the concept of 'fantasy sports'. in India. Over time, the platform grew from 1 million in 2014 to 45 million in 2018 and finally to 130 million currently. Since then, the industry has grown tremendously!

    Fantasy Football Industry: An Overview

    In India, fantasy football is not as famous as fantasy cricket; However, its popularity has gradually increased due to the immense fandom of several international football leagues in India. Some of the most popular football leagues are the English Premier League, followed by the Spanish, Italian and German leagues.

    After the introduction of Manchester United and Arsenal into the English Premier League, many sports enthusiasts in India have started following the fantasy league with great enthusiasm and excitement. Fantasy Football is still free for all users!

    You also have the opportunity to win real money. PlayFantasy Cricketand Fantasy Football is legal throughout India except for Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana.

    Fantasy football leagues and upcoming tournaments

    Here is the list of upcoming tournaments and leagues in Fantasy Football:

    • 1- UEFA Champions League

      • BAY v/s BAR

      • LIV vs AJA

    • 2-K-League

      • INC vs. ULS

    • 3- J-League

      (Video) How to Play Football in Dream11? Full details explained for Fantasy Football on Dream11

      • URW vs OSA

    • 4- Chinese Super League

      • SHD vs RAGE

    • 5- Qatar Stars League

      • ZF v/s ASC

    • 6- Major League Soccer

      • SPKC v/s DCU

    • 7- Mexican League

      • GUD v/s TIG


    Here are some of the basic rules to remember when playing Fantasy Football:

    Build your team

    Each soccer team created on Dream11 consists of 11 players. Of the 11 players, a maximum of 7 players can come from one team.

    player combination

    Multiple combinations are possible in Dream11's fantasy football teams as long as they are within the 100 credit cap and meet the selection criteria.

    player type Minimal players Maximum Players
    defender 3 5
    goalkeeper 1 1
    Forward 1 3
    midfield player 3 5

    Once you've chosen the 11 players, it's time to choose the captain and vice-captain. The captain gives you 2x points and the vice-captain gives you 1.5x points. Therefore, it is important to choose the most experienced player as captain and vice-captain, as their selection can change the final result.

    Fantasy scoring system


    Goal score
    Hit by a striker +40
    Scored by a midfielder +50
    Scored by a goalkeeper or defender +60
    Help +20
    opportunity created +3
    Shot on target +6
    5 passes completed +1
    • Direct Assist is a term that refers to the last touch, cross, pass and other touches that allow a goal to be scored during the game.

    • Besides direct assists, here is the list of other types of assists awarded in fantasy football -

      1. When a goalkeeper saves a shot, the defender blocks it and hits the goalpost

      2. When a player of the opposing team scores their own goal through a pass, shot or cross.

      3. when the player wins a direct free kick or scores a penalty

    • The randomness generated, commonly referred to as a key pass, is considered a final touch (flank, pass, or other touch). It results in a shot whether on, off, or blocked target.

    • Coincidentally, in fantasy football, a player receives the fantasy assist; The player receives no points for a created chance.

    • A "shot on target" can be described as any goal attempt that should have been a goal if not saved by the opposing players or the goalkeeper.

    • A team does not get a shot on goal if the shot hits the goalpost or if another player blocks the shot.

    • If Player X passes the ball to Player Y, who then scores, Player Y gets a goal and a shot on goal, while Player X gets an assist and a created chance.


    Tackle won +4
    interception won +4
    Saves (GK) +6
    Penalty Saved (GK) +50
    Clean Sheet (GK/DEF played for +54 minutes) +20
    • Tackle won is the condition where a player steals the ball from another player in possession of the ball. This can be done either by placing the ball out of play or by gaining possession of the ball.

    • If the player intentionally intercepts the pass, that is an interception. This can be accomplished by moving in line with the intended ball and maintaining possession of the ball.

      (Video) Dream11 New football point system || Dream 11 Football point system changed || Details of point D11

    • When a goalkeeper prevents the ball from scoring a goal, it is called a save.

    • If a player doesn't concede a goal for 54 minutes or more, it's called a clean sheet.

    • If a player is down for 54 minutes or more and is substituted before the goal is conceded, the player will receive a clean sheet bonus.

    • If the goalkeeper has not touched the ball while the player misses the penalty, the goalkeeper does not score points for saving the penalty. On the other hand, the penalty taker is credited with -20 points for the missed shot.

    other points

    captain 2x
    Vice captain 1.5x
    Ab 11 +4
    Come as deputy +2

    Cards along with other penalties

    Yellow card -4
    Red card -10
    own goal -8
    Goals conceded (GK/DEF on field when goal is scored) -2
    Penalty missed -20
    • Goals conceded are calculated for players who are present on the pitch at the time of the goal, regardless of the player's total playing time.

    • If a player receives a red card, they will still be penalized if their team concedes a goal - even if the goals are conceded after they have left the field

    • If the player gets two yellow cards in a row or even a red card, he only gets minus points for the red card.

    • If a player receives a red or yellow card for an off-field activity, total Fantasy Football points will be enacted if:

      - You have already played the match and been substituted

      - They come onto the field as a substitute after receiving a yellow card

    Tips and Tricks

    Here is the list of tips to win fantasy soccer games

    1. Before the start of a football tournament or a season, several club games are regularly played. If you keep a close eye on these games, you can pick better players

    2. All fantasy sites follow the same pattern in terms of bonus points. Choose players who can really help your team earn extra points

    3. Keep a close eye on each player's past performance

    4. Detailed statistics about all players available in Dream11 app can help you in analysis

    5. An important factor in fantasy football is planning. Keep planning your strategies and be ready to switch players in case of a sudden team change or injury.

    6. Never rely on untrustworthy sources that may provide fake information.

    How do I play Fantasy Football in the Dream11 app?

    If you've just entered the world of fantasy sports, fret not because we've got your back! Play Fantasy Football by following these four easy steps -

    1. Download the Dream11 app via tTheshortcut

    2. Sign up with your phone number

    3. Select the tournament or game you want to join

    4. Start creating your team

    5. Participate in competitions

    Want to play Fantasy Football for free?

    Participate in practice competitions and play just for fun. The best part is that you have the opportunity to beat players who play in the football fantasy leagues!

    On Dream11 you can participate in several national and international football tournaments to improve your skills. However, you must have a fair understanding of football and the rules and improve your research skills to form the best team and win games. Dream11 simplifies game analysis and player statistics so you can win against other players.

    Fantasy-Football-Dos and Don'ts

    Of the:

    1. Keep your calm and constant perseverance for long-term results

      (Video) How To Win In Dream11 || How To Win At Dream11 How To Make Winning Team || How To Win Small League

    2. Build your team based on solid research and insights

    3. Don't underestimate the value of a kicker

    4. Choose matches wisely

    5. Set reminders for lineup announcements

    6. Keep schedules handy


    1. Design your team too soon

    2. Play with all your money in one game

    3. Check the ground conditions

    Why Play Fantasy Football?

    Football has recently become a major attraction for all sports lovers in India. This game has managed to invade every household.

    If you consider yourself a “Sportskeeda”, starting your journey with online fantasy football can give you wings you never imagined!

    That's why you should choose Dream11

    Fantasy Football is all about meticulous planning, and at Dream11 our match analysis will help you plan better.

    It gives you a quick overview of how others have selected these players, giving you insight into the percentage of players who have been selected by people and the percentage of people who have selected a player to be their captain/vice-captain.

    Dream11 is a one-stop shop for exciting rewards such as Cash Rewards, Promotional Passes, Dream11 x PUMA Merchandise, DreamSetGo Passports and Experience Vouchers.

    If you like to indulge in fantasy football, Dream11 is the best app in the industry to try. It is a well-known brand that offers incredible user experience in team building and offers proper support for newbies in creating teams.

    Best of all, Dream11 works with national and international sports leagues to push your limits. All fantasy players enjoy the best offers and promotions with secure transactions.

    Fantasy football team names

    Your team's name can make a big difference as it pays to remember an interesting and strong name. Keeping a short and simple name will make it easier for your followers to remember.

    Here are a few examples that are effective as team names. These names derive from existing football teams playing nationally or internationally. They are - Stringy Strikers, Undefeatables, Hood, Skillful, Rajput Boys, ImmortalKiller, Barnstormers, Battlers, Bearcats, Bears, Beavers, Aztecs, Ravens, Red Dragons, Red Foxes, Winners and others.

    Do you have any doubts? Find answers here.

    Fantasy Football involves selecting real players to form Dream11 teams that earn points based on their performance on the field. If your team scores more points than other people's teams, you win!

    Yes! Everyone in the winning zone of the competition leaderboard wins real money. For example, if you follow La Liga, remember to create your Dream11 team before starting the game. That's it! Follow line-up announcements and the leaderboard will come to life. Follow your team's performance every minute and if your strategy is right, rank 1 would take home BIG wins in mega competitions!

    Absolutely! Participate in practice competitions and play just for fun. The fun part is that you can also beat others playing soccer fantasy leagues!

    Sign up on the Dream11 app and verify your bank account to enter cash and free fantasy contests.

    Dream11 covers all major and minor tournaments and leagues like Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, UCL and FPL etc.

    Download the app

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