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Psychologyis not just limited to mental disorders, counseling and therapy sessions; it's much more than that. The role of psychology comes into play from the moment you wake up in the morning until you sleep at night. From simply communicating with others to making life's most difficult decisions, psychology finds its application in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Here we discuss some areas of our lives where psychology plays an important role.

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1. Motivation

Motivation is the most important psychological aspect that plays a crucial role in achieving our goals. If you are not motivated enough for every task in your daily life, you cannot do your best. However, if you are motivated for the task, you will do your best and the results achieved would be great as well. Various psychological tricks like talking to yourself, keeping a to-do list, and rewarding after achieving goals are used to keep motivation high.

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2. Health

We all know the dangers of drinking, smoking and various other drugs to our health, but people get addicted to them and they find it very difficult to get rid of these harmful substances. This is where psychology can help. Many psychological addiction studies show that the main cause of addiction is the stressor. Drug rehabilitation centers use various psychological techniques such as counseling, therapy, and mindfulness practices that relax the patient's mind and make it easier for them to get rid of drugs. You must have heard of the famous quote "laughter is the best medicine", psychology also says the same thing, when you're feeling down just smile broadly as it sends positive signals to your brain and you'll actually feel happier.

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3. Advertising

Have you ever noticed that when you watch TV, you get so excited by many commercials that you buy the product the next day? Well, that's because advertising companies use psychological tactics to lure in customers. They promote their products in a way that hits your emotions squarely and you start thinking about buying that product. The social-psychologically designed advertising tactics include the concepts of consensus, scarcity principle and mere exposure effect. The principle of scarcity includes tricks like "limited time offer", "exclusive items" and "only a few items left". When you read these tags on the products, you immediately think of buying this product. The consensus strategy emphasizes positive reviews and popular items in ads because customers prefer to buy well-reviewed items over negatively-reviewed items and trust the products and companies because of the positive reviews. However, some companies employ cheap practices and post fake reviews to lure customers. The mere exposure effect implies that people prefer those items that they encounter more often. This is the reason why advertisers keep showing ads. Many marketing agencies follow the rule of seven to attract potential buyers. So the next time you think about buying a product by seeing this advertisement, make sure you understand the psychology behind this advertisement first.

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4. Sport

Psychology plays a crucial role in sport as both physical and mental health are important to an athlete's overall growth. The psychological technique of "visualizing the goals" is very beneficial for the achievement of goals. The importance of mental health is often emphasized by many world-renowned athletes and sportspeople.

5. Relationships

Psychology plays an important role in relationships. The quality of relationships can be improved by understanding the psychology of human behavior. Various research has shown that positive relationships are just as important to your health as a healthy and nutritious diet. According to some studies, children who grow up in a healthy environment and in families with positive relationships lead happier lives than the other children.

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6. Healthy Eating

Did you know that it takes your brain quite a long time to signal that your stomach is full? If you have a habit of eating a full plate and later feel embarrassed about overeating, try eating your food on a smaller plate as this will trick your brain into thinking you ate the full plate and this way you can save yourself from eating a larger portion of the food. If you want to develop healthy eating habits, then instead of looking at the benefits of healthy eating habits, look at the worst effects unhealthy eating habits can have on your body. This is where reverse psychology comes in, for fear of the effects of transferring unhealthy eating habits to your body, you can easily develop the habit of eating healthy.

7. Leadership Qualities

Whether you're a manager in a company or a volunteer in a local group, you must have felt the importance of leadership. Few people are born with these leadership qualities, but that doesn't mean others can't become good leaders. Leadership skills can be sharpened with the help of a few simple but useful tips, backed by various psychological research. With various steps such as For example, giving group members the opportunity to express their opinions, discussing the best possible solutions with them, and recognizing or rewarding your team members for a job well done can all help you become a good leader. Many psychological studies have proven that a good leader always shows empathy towards their team members and understands their emotions, which builds a strong trust of team members in their leader.

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8. Politics

Psychology influences our political ideologies. Politicians around the world use a variety of psychological tactics at their rallies and high-voltage speeches to entice voters to vote in favor of a particular political party.

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9. Decision making and problem solving

From deciding what to eat for breakfast to your career path, you make many decisions in your everyday life. Making decisions required cognitive skills. Cognitive psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that deals with various mental processes such as learning, creativity, memory, attention, reasoning, and decision making. By applying the information from cognitive psychology, we can improve our ability to make better and smarter decisions. When making a decision you should not only think from your own perspective but from a broader perspective by considering the positive, negative and emotional aspects of the situation and it is always better to make a list of pros and cons To make decisions.

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10. Communication

Verbal communication is not the only way you use when speaking to others, your non-verbal actions are also an important aspect of your communication skills. When communicating with others, each other's gestures and body language help us understand the conversation better. You can make any conversation more engaging by maintaining good eye contact, listening carefully to others, and noticing others' non-verbal actions. The combination of verbal and non-verbal communication skills can make you an excellent public speaker. There are various studies that point to how someone's body language affects our subconscious.

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11. Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Famed psychologist Daniel Goleman mentioned in his New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence that –

The EQ is maybe even more important than the IQ.”

A famous study found that people with high EQ tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives compared to people with high IQ (intelligence quotient). EQ or Emotional Intelligence means how well you understand your own emotions and those of those around you? High EQ people have the ability to perceive things as they actually are without adding assumptions of their own. To improve your EQ, you need to understand your emotions and reactions. You can start journaling because it gives you mental clarity and a better understanding of your emotions.

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12. Personal growth

Psychology is the best self-development tool as it helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses and learn about your true personality traits. It can also help you improve your personality as various psychological studies have proven the fact that when you envision, think and act like the person you want to become in the future, your brain starts believing that fact, and finally you end up being the best version of yourself.

13. Financial Management

You can increase your savings by following simple psychological strategies that include avoiding procrastination and starting saving now rather than later, keeping track of your expenses, and imagining yourself and yourself being richer in the future Appreciate yourself for any savings. You should be aware of what you really need instead of spending money on things you think you want. Don't let advertisers brainwash you into buying the things they think you need.

14. Workplace

The inclusion of psychology in the workplace is very beneficial. Knowledge of psychology helps companies create more customer-friendly products and create a better workplace. Industrial and organizational psychology is a specialty that deals with the psychological aspects of industry. Many organizations today appoint organizational psychologists to their companies; Organizational psychologists focus on employee well-being and improving productivity in the workplace. Psychological training courses help managers to develop empathy for their employees and to motivate them to perform at their best. Most people these days proudly claim that they are multitaskers, when in fact research proves that performing many tasks at the same time drastically affects your productivity. You work better if you focus on one task at a time as it reduces distraction and allows you to give that specific task your full attention.

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15. Academics

Most kids complain a lot about the testing systems in schools, but do you know that a study shows that taking repeated tests and exams helps you improve your memory? It was observed that the students who were retested had better retention than those who only studied and were not retested. So if you're thinking of learning something new, you'd better do the self-tests repeatedly until it sticks in your memory. Learning is an important task for every student. Psychological techniques such as reviewing what has just been learned, paying full attention while studying, studying in a peaceful environment, and playing soft music while reading make learning easier for the student. We can sharpen our learning skills by teaching others as it improves our attachment to a particular concept.


What are some examples of psychology in everyday life? ›

Psychology also impacts how we think and act about our diet and exercise. For example, a study in Psychological Science demonstrates that people under stress tend to eat high-calorie foods. Individuals who think in a “live for today” mindset ate 40 percent more calories than the control group.

How is psychology used in everyday life class 11? ›

Psychology helps to understand various personal problems like family, marriage and work sphere. It also helps to deal with larger problems related to community and society.

What is everyday psychology? ›

Psychology In Everyday Life is a well-known psychology textbook written by the bestselling authors David G. Myers and Nathan DeWall, and offers students a thorough and inclusive introduction to the field.

What is psychology with example? ›

Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind. There are different types of psychology, such as cognitive, forensic, social, and developmental psychology. A person with a condition that affects their mental health may benefit from assessment and treatment with a psychologist.

What is basic psychology example? ›

Basic Research Examples

Basic research in psychology might explore: Whether stress levels influence how often students engage in academic cheating. How caffeine consumption affects the brain. Whether men or women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

What is social psychology in everyday life? ›

Social Psychology of Everyday Life focuses on the relationship between the individual and society and thus, on how people's practice as individuals and as participants in groups, relate to their socio-cultural conditions.

How is learning psychology useful in everyday life? ›

Better understand yourself and others

Learning about human behaviour will help you in daily life, for example helping you better navigate your interactions with others. It can also improve your skills in things like communication and conflict management.

What are the 6 types of psychology? ›

The 6 main psychological perspectives used today are:
  • Psychodynamic.
  • Biological.
  • Behavioral.
  • Cognitive.
  • Evolutionary.
  • Humanistic.
Sep 6, 2021

What is psychological well example? ›

Psychological well-being consists of self-acceptance, positive relationships with others, autonomy, environmental mastery, a feeling of purpose and meaning in life, and personal growth and development.

What are psychological examples of behavior? ›

Examples of human behavior include conflict, communication, cooperation, creativity, play, social interaction, tradition, and work.

What are the 5 psychological concepts? ›

The five major perspectives in psychology are biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive and humanistic.

What type of psychologist focuses on daily living issues? ›

Researchers in the field of personality psychology are interested in a wide range of topics that can have applications in everyday life. For example, they might study how personality forms and whether it can be changed.

What modern day psychology emphasizes? ›

This view of psychology and human behavior emphasizes the role of the unconscious mind, early childhood experiences, and interpersonal relationships to explain human behavior, as well as to treat mental illnesses.


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